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09 September 2009 @ 02:03 am
Library book sale  
Up until last year, we had a specialized library with the History Department. Nobody ever used it much though because the main University Library is just across the street and they have more books there, of course. So, today, the History Department Library held a sale: all books for just 2 euros!

I got in a bit late to scavenge any masterpieces but managed to get my hands on five nifty copies nonetheless: British Economic Thought and India, 1600-1858 by William Barber; A Modern History of tanganyika by one John Iliffe, if ever I want to delve further into African colonial history; Rulers of Empire, about the French Colonial Service in Western Africa; Democracy and Empire by a Mr E.J. Feuchtwanger, dealing with British imperial history from 1865 to 1914; and Liberalism & Naval Strategy by Bernard Semmel. Particularly the last volume sounds interesting.